Elbow Pain

For patients suffering with elbow pain, Spring Orthopaedic Group offer expert diagnosis and treatment of elbow pain symptoms. Visit our state of the art clinic located in Central Brighton and Hove for a consultation with an elbow specialist.

Elbow Pain Diagnosis

Elbow pain can affect people of any age and background however it is most common amongst sports people and manual workers. Rest assured that a Spring Orthopaedic consultant will provide true excellence in care when diagnosing your symptoms of elbow pain. Some of the most common conditions include tennis elbow, elbow dislocation, elbow locking, elbow arthritis and olecranon bursitis.

Elbow Pain Treatment

When suffering with elbow pain, Spring know how important it is to receive rapid and effective treatment so the route your consultant advises upon will vary from activity modification, painkillers, physiotherapy, steroid injections and for the more persistent cases of elbow pain, surgery can be considered.