List of Articles

Spring consultants regularly write articles for medical and consumer publications. The most recent are listed below.

Strictly a knees up! (Sandeep Chauhan)

Don’t trust your ankles? (David Redfern)

Don’t let Tennis Elbow put you off your game (Cameron Hatrick)

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Back pain advice for Santa (Shuaib Karmani)

Arthroscopic foot and ankle surgery (David Redfern)

Rugby Shoulder Injuries (Cameron Hatrick)

Anyone for Tennis? (Lisa Leonard)

Can your knees run a marathon? (Sandeep Chauhan)

Challenging Pain (Simon Thorp)

Checks needed for Patients with Metal Hip Replacements (Philip Stott)

Does Gardening Make Your Hands Hurt? (Chris Williams)

Ease back pain and put a spring in your step (Shuaib Karmani)

Expert Treatment for Extreme Sports Related Injuries (Steve Nicol)

Gardening without tears (Shuaib Karmani)

Get More Out Of Your Winter Holiday (Stuart Osborne)

Get ready for kick-off! (Robin Turner)

Hip replacement (Philip Stott)

Is it really Frozen Shoulder? (Robin Turner)

Keep on running (Candice Davis)

Knees, Skiing and the Phantom Boot (Sandeep Chauhan)

Meet the trauma surgeons (Steve Nicol and Iain McFadyen)

New Treatment Straightens Bent Fingers without Surgery (Chris Williams)

Old golfers don’t retire, they get new knees (Sandeep Chauhan)

Radiology – the Department of Diagnosis (Geoff Price, Rosie Scott, Camilla Sonksen and John Bush)

Stepping out in Style (David Redfern)

Sun, shorts and sciatica (Michael Cass)

When is the right time to have a hip replacement? (Philip Stott)

Why shoulder pain is not so easy to shrug off (Cameron Hatrick)